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Linwood Animal Hospital

504 Linwood Drive
Paragould, AR 72450


                                                                                Inside Linwood Animal Hospital                                                       pg  1   2  3             

Our hospital offers Radiology, Surgery and complete Dental Care.
Above you will see our x-ray machine, dental suite, and operating room.

To the left you will see our prep/treatment area.
Above you will also see the area we keep our critical & surgical care cages. These cages are equipped with heated floors to maintain a safe body temperature.
To the right is our isolation ward where we keep those patients that may be contagious. These cages also have heated floors.

Linwood Animal Hospital is proud to be a completely paperless practice.
All medical records are held within the computer. This allows for more accurate medical records, our time to be used more efficiently,
and our staff is enabled to communicate & share information with our clients much more thoroughly.